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Easily launch your collection and add all your favorite features! In Kingdomly, we empower you to scale your community into a Kingdom! Check out some of the features below.

What We Offer
How We Help You Create NFTs
Your one stop platform for NFT Creation.

Choose between launching a generative collection or one of ones. With generative collections you can create thousands of unique NFTs from a set of layers that we help you configure.

No need to look anywhere else, we handle the entire collection generation process. Unleash your creativity without needing to know a single thing about smart contracts or how to structure metadata.

Disrupt the NFT status quo.

Worry less about the tech. Spend your time focusing on the artwork and providing utility to your holders. Save time and change the game at the same time.

Get utility out the gate by providing token gated applications and a token gated community for your collection with Kingdomly. API’s available for web2 developers if you are tech friendly.

Control your collection.

Ensure transparent and verifiable ownership of your collection. Add private sales and whitelist who you see fit. Pause the mint whenever you need.

Customize the way your collection is presented in the custom mint page. Make it easy for people to learn about who you are and the project roadmap!



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